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Choi, Liah Ms. McNeil English 2 22/09/10 How a higher education affects one’s life “The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows,” Sydney J. Harris, an American journalist said. Education is the process that opens one’s mind, thought, and view into the world. It is almost a kind of common-sense that education is necessary for one’s better quality of life. But higher education is not required while primary and secondary educations are, and it is why still many do not get higher education for some reasons. In order to be successful, an individual must have higher education to develop himself or herself, improve his or her quality of job and life, and for further future. Primarily, higher education encourages and supports an individual for his or her dream. The youth is really serious time for planning the future. Higher education offers time to develop one’s talent. From I was elementary school, I love drawing. It was my only hobby and also specialty. Moreover, I am thinking about illustrator and animator for my career. To me, higher education is an opportunity to learn more about art and which encourages me to try my best. Before I go to high school and take drawing class, I thought I am the best in drawing because I was better than my friends. However, I saw some guys good or better than me in the drawing class, and expert art is harder than I expected. At first, I was kind of discouraged, but it also excites me. Like me, other students are inspired too. Last year, I took theatre because drawing class was full. I was transferred in the middle of fourth quarter, so I joined for an extra in others’ play. I thought it is kind of embarrassing acting eagerly in front of others; therefore I was being shy during the play. Exactly, I did not have interest in it. On the other hand, the other guys were really ardent. They looked they are happy that

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