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Guided Argument Outline One of the most important parts of modern society is higher education. Post-secondary education is responsible for much of the intellectual growth in the United States over the past centuries. There have been many studies which have highlighted the monetary benefits of attaining a degree at an institute of higher education as well as the intrapersonal benefits. While there is a lot of positive energy surrounding our countries institutes of higher education, there is also a lot of room for improvement. Some people feel that there are some important issues arising in the field of higher education and studies are often conducted to determine how serious these issues are. One of the most important issues with modern higher education is the decline in rigor in recent times. A decline in rigor at institutes of higher education can be caused by three different problems; professors and students taking the path of least resistance, students finding ways to cheat the system, and the idea that college is for everyone. First Topic: The first cause of a loss of rigor in higher education is professors and students both taking the path of least resistance. *The unspoken pact that if you don’t require much from me, I won’t require much from you. *More work for students is also more work for professors. Second Topic: Another factor that has leaded to reduced rigor at institutes of higher learning is that students are finding ways to cheat the system. *Late policies * “My printer is broken” (blame it on technology) *Mobile phones used to cheat Third Topic: The final contributor to a reduction in the rigor of higher education is the widespread ideal that college should be for everyone. *Higher learning should be available to everyone, but perhaps not four-year degree programs for everyone. *One size does not fit all. *Students are being

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