Higher Education Essay

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higher education is education provided by universities, colleges, and other institutions that award academic degrees. Higher education includes both the undergraduate (i.e., college) and the graduate (or postgraduate) levels. Higher education is important because - 1. Career: A good education can be your way into a prosperous career. Many employers require people to fulfill certain educational requirements before they will consider hiring them. And in certain jobs, it’s a necessity to continue professional training and education in order to progress through your career. 2. Earnings: Your education can help increase the amount of money you’ll earn during your lifetime. By enabling it, you have opportunity for a better job or starting your career at a higher level. Overall your education can help you make more money. 3. Teaching: If you are well educated then you’ll be able to share your knowledge with your friends and coworkers. You’ll also be able to handle your children’s questions as they are learning about the world and to help them with their homework. 4. General knowledge: A well-rounded education will increase your general knowledge. This could help you in every part of your life, from your career to your friendships. You will be able to understand the history, politics or science behind the stories that you see on the news. You will be able to impress people will your knowledge and to answer quiz questions. 5. Appreciation of art and culture: Your education can help you to enjoy a deeper understanding of the art and culture that you experience when you are reading, watching films or visiting museums, galleries and other attractions. 6. Social life: Taking an evening class or joining an educational group can help you meet new people or to spend time talking to other like-minded people. It can therefore be an enjoyable social experience for many

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