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Liam Harper 85 Dunholm Road Dundee dd24rr Telephone: 01382 611097 Mobile: 07584411381 Email: liamharper4@hotmail.co.uk Personal Profile My name is Liam Harper, i am 17 years old currently studying at St.Johns RC High School in 6th year. I am a hard worker who enjoys working as individuals along with working in groups. I have good concentration levels and that allows me to understand and carry out tasks that i have been given effeciently. Im normally motivated to do tasks that are challenging and encourage the rest of the team to work hard so the tasks are done in the period of time correctly with no errors. I am a reliable person, in that i can work individually confidently. I keep track of time well and am on time to make sure any of my jobs that i have to do is kept to a high standard and done within the time limit. I am a strong character in which i am keen to do well and use my strenghts to best of my ability. Strengths I can work to a high standard both in team and individually work. i am an active person and am always motivated to finish work and get straight on with another task in which im thinking ahead. My decision making is good in that i can handle tasks that are challenging and never give up. I am a quick learner and take on board what ive been asked to do and how i can do this task effectively and correctly with the use of my personal qualities. Im always keen to think of new ways of doing things and im a strong character which means i am quite strong in getting people to understand my point of view to carrying out the tasks i am given. I am determined to tackle tasks quickly and i am a competitive person but that is how i succeed in my work. Employment Bonar Yarns & Fabrics Ltd Jun 2013 - Oct 2013 I would cut the artificial grass of spools and make sure the specific grass was put in to the correct area of trailers for making sport

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