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Does the media use of photo shopping contribute to eating disorders in teens? Eating disorders are becoming more and more common in the UK. In America at the moment eating disorders are so common that one or two in every one hundred students will struggle with one. This is to no surprise considering the amount of celebrity diets that are now widely available through glossy gossip magazines and the use of photo shopping done to the pictures taken of the celebrities. Magazine argue that no one wants to see wrinkles or cellulite on celebrities so we now have this preconceived idea in our heads that they are perfect and therefore do not have those problems. Eating disorders are more than just diets, trying to help you lose a little bit of weight. They are extreme changes in eating behaviour that never end and the person suffering from them get stricter and stricter for example they give up their social lives to exercise because of what they have eaten that day or that day before. The most common eating disorders are anorexia and bulimia. Young women or teenage girls have admitted to developing these disorders due to seeing a picture of a celebrity looking really thin and happy when they themselves are not feeling like that in their own lives so they might feel that if they lose some weight perhaps they will have more self-confidence and in turn become a happier person. A documentary was filmed by Trevor McDonald in which a group of one hundred girls between the ages of twelve to sixteen were placed in a room and given a questionnaire on the things they like and dislike about their bodies. After this the young girls were exposed to ‘glossy’ and fashion magazines, which admittedly use photo shopping, for half an hour and then the same questionnaire was given to them and the difference in results were dramatic, some of them admitting that they needed to lose weight

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