High Tech Under The Skin Summary

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High Risk, Tracking Device New York Times Anna Bahney, wrote the article “High Tech, Under the Skin.” In her article she mainly argues that radio frequency identification device (RFID) implants in humans would be a good idea. However, electrical hazards, MRI incompatibility, adverse tissue reaction, and migration of the implanted transponder are just a few of the potential risks. In the article Anna talks about potential uses for the RFID chips, the Florida based company implanting in humans since 2004 and the symbolism of combining man with technology. The article attempts to persuade the reader into believing that receiving an implant is not much different than using a wireless headset on your cellular telephone, “the difference between a device resting in one’s ear and inside the body is a pretty small step.” The quote is from a William Donelson and was used to persuade the audience into believing that small scale surgery is no big deal.…show more content…
It not only emphasizes that the chips are tiny, but that they are safe and have been around for “years.” Many quotes throughout the article make for a conjoined effort to persuade the reader into thinking they are both safe and easy. The demand for RFID technology in humans is not very high, as it is still dangerous and a professional practice that is willing to implant you is hard to find. The author does address some of the danger found in her research stating, “On web forums some people profess to have implanted themselves with an injector gun used for animals, but the consensus among others is that doing so is dangerous”
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