High Tech Crimes Essay

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Theories in High Tech Crimes John H. Doe Devry University August 17th, 2014 High tech crimes are becoming a very big epidemic in our society. As technology increasingly grows and becomes part of our daily lives, so does high tech crime. According to IT Law Wiki, (2014) “High-tech crime refers to crimes that are committed either against new technologies or with the support of new technologies, often involving (but not restricted to) computers or computer networks.” When we look at the statistics over the last 10 years, technology has grown so immensely that these types of crimes were not significant and weren’t considered a big deal. Many types of banking information, or personal information was printed right onto bank statements which included account numbers, full social security numbers, etc. Nowadays, this is completely unsafe and would allow many people in our society to be at risk. On the other hand, what about the individuals who are committing these crimes? What causes them to spend hours and hours trying to abuse our technology for all the wrong reasons. We are going to look into three types of criminology theories that play a large part of high tech crimes which include the Classical Theory, Labeling Theory, as well as the Life Course Theory. The Conflict Theory suggests that people think before they proceed with criminal actions; that when one commits a crime, it is because the individual decided that it was advantageous to commit the crime. (Udemy Blog, 2014) This theory directly relates to high tech crimes because the offenders are completely aware that their actions of the crimes they commit can be severe and very detrimental to specific individuals. These hackers and offenders have free will, and ultimately they are choosing to break the law in any fashion behind their computer. Although many crimes in our society involve being

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