High school wrestling Essay

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The Scariest Place I've Ever Been A dark, eerie room filled with screams of agony. No it is not a mental institution or a dungeon. This terrifying place is the Sandburg wrestling balcony. This wretched place makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it. I knew this place was evil after the first practice. The first thing that made a red flag go up was the coach. He looked like someone filled him up with air and made him watch a puppy drown. First thing we do is warm up sprint which I think is ridiculous. I am already breathing heavy. Next the Drill Sargent says its time to do takedown drills over and over agian. I am no longer exctied to be a wrestler at this point. My knees feel like I have just slid threw shards of broken glass. Next drill is the spin drill. In this drill I put my chest on m partners back and spin in different directions. As if I wasn't dizzy already. Now I discovered a new muscle in my back and it hurts. After another hundred drills we near the end of the first practice. I am praying for a way out. I have no saliva to spit. i belch and taste hotdogs on my digustingly warm breathe. I dont remember eating hotdogs. i dont notice this during practice but now i see my knees are slathered in blood. does the blood belong to me. more questions pop into my dazed and confused head. i don't feel like im bleeding. nope wasnt my blood i had accidentally gave my partner a knee to the face. I found out later he broke his nose, I feel terrible. One hundred wall sprints , the feeling I am eating sand and the stinging of sweat deep in my eyes later practice was over. Coach gave a little pep talk to his half dead freshman wrestlers. My bed never felt so

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