High School Vs. College Essay

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School consumes a great amount of time, years and life. From the start of preschool thru College school plays a major role in the person one becomes. High School and College in particular serve as the foundation for taking the next major step in life. The beginning years of high school are an exciting time and somewhat of an adventure. College years have a similar presentation as the opportunities and world lay ahead for new college students. Although high school and college are quite similar in nature the everyday routines are very different, starting with the rules and structure, the classes, and your daily routine. From freshman year to College, rules and structure are a daily routine. High School rules come with a consequence, college has rules but the consequence is self-inflicted. Failure to follow high school rules, results in a punishment or consequence given by a teacher, principal or coach. Failure to follow a College rule, can result in a consequence but it typically involves the law or possibly being kicked out of school. In College independent responsibility is key to success, and in High School there is independence, however, teachers, parents and administration closely monitor progress and are close by for help, assistance and guidance. Parents play an important role in overseeing work in high school; Skyward is a tool that allows parents to monitor daily progress. While in college, there is not access and online resources for parents to closely follow. Independence and self-discipline are the key components to being successful in college and high school. Classes at both the high School level and college level are the stepping stones to the future. Both high School and college have required core coursework. Coursework in Math, English, Social Studies and the Sciences are required in both settings. The level of these core courses is determined by

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