High School Relationships Essay

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They are in the halls everyday, the seemingly star-crossed lovers the Romeo and Juliet wanna-bees. They are in the halls during all eight minutes of passing time hands locked, playing tonsil hockey, professing undying love and going through withdrawal as they head to class for those unbearable 53 minutes of agony they must endure without each other. They are the high school relationship. But does all this hand holding and tonsil hockey really mean two 16-year olds who just learned how to drive have found ever-after romance? I think not. The best kinds of relationships are those in which both parties are mature enough to handle the many problems that they will undoubtedly encounter. There are few high school students who have truly obtained this level of maturity. Many adults have not even reached that level. Most high school students are not even mature or responsible enough to care for themselves. Their parents still do their laundry, pack their lunches and pay for everything. When they whine for a pony, they get a pony, and you would think someone had a knife to their throat when asked to take out the trash. How can these kids be ready to support another person in ways necessary for such a relationship when they cant’ even support themselves? Most high school students are just beginning to develop their sense of self. They are still experimenting and discovering who they are as people. High school relationships often hinder this development because kids put so much effort into the relationship they forget who they are. They obtain a temporary sense of self while in a relationship and it feels good at the time, but suddenly when the inevitable break up occurs they are left with nothing and that can lead to devastation. Then they are then even further behind at finding out who they truly are Finally many teenage boys do not know how to treat young women
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