High School Reform Essay

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Some teens go through all of high school with no idea of anything that they want to do after they finish school. This is becoming more and more of a problem in America. A recent study shows that 52 percent of all students that have a general idea of what they want to do after high school score higher on the SAT and graduate with higher grade point averages than those who are undecided. This is why I suggest that upon entering 9th grade students should be placed on either a college prep track or on a career training path. Teens are pretty indecisive in the early high school years, so most struggle with what they want to do post graduation. The teachers deciding on whether the student is put in college prep classes or a career-training path could eliminate this confusion. Students tend to only see what is in the near future and often forget about the big picture, but teachers have the experience and insight that is needed to make decisions on the student’s behalf. There are some positives and negatives to this plan, but I believe that the positives highly out way the negatives. Those that would be against the purposed plan might say that it takes the parent out of the education of the child and that the student is too young to be set on a path that determines the rest of their life. In response to these claims, I would rebuttal that if a parent is really that worried about the education of their child they can pull them out of public school and home school them; to the second claim, that a child is too young to be set on a path that determines the rest of their life, I believe that the sooner a student knows what they are doing in their life the more successful they become in life. The parents that would have the biggest problem with this system are the ones whose children are in the career training path, and this is a larger problem with our society today. In

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