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Bradley Bourbonnais Community High School and many other High Schools do programs called Freshman Advisory and P.E. Leaders. These programs are designed to help the freshman understand high School and the problems they face. They focus on drugs, drinking, sex, and studying habits. The program directors all say these are the most important topics to cover because those are the topics that most freshman and ever-older students have a problem understanding. They wanted a program that made it easier to say no to drugs, drinking, and sex, but yes to studying. For Freshman Advisory Program the juniors and seniors are able to apply to become a part of this program. Only a hand full of Juniors and a hand full of Seniors are picked, You must have at least a 3.0 GPA so you have the ability to help them with there homework. Their cant be any kind of marks on your record and you have to have three teacher recommendations. Once you have met all of these requirements you have to compete with over a hundred other students to be one of the twenty-four who are chosen. Once the decision is made and the twenty-four are chosen you have to go to a two day class for eight hours a day so they can teach you what to do with the freshman and how to handle certain situations. After you have successfully completed the training part you are assigned a classroom of about twenty-five to thirty freshman students. A half hour is set aside a day to sit and talk with them. Except for every Monday, one Mondays the twenty-four that are chosen meet with the director of the program and we discuss what’s going to be happening for the week and what she would like us to cover. In the beginning of the school year we do a lot of team building exercises to make them more comfortable and to allow everyone to get use to each other. I have also found it helps them gain trust for there mentor, after the

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