High School or Job Essay

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High School or a Job High School is an experience nobody will ever forget and a lot can happen in four years. Having a job while in high school can also change many things and in some cases it can cause people to drop out. In my experience managing a job and going to high school was hard. While for others it may cause many problems to have a job while going to school. A lot of people do not like the fact that teenagers work while in high school because they believe it distracts them from doing well and getting their work completed. I stand in a position where I believe it is beneficial to work while attending high school. First of all everyone should learn to be responsible and that should be learned by the time someone leaves high school. However I learned to be responsible by showing up to work on time, and doing what I was supposed to at the time I was told. I have always been responsible ever since I was little and still to this day, I take care of my little brothers and that is one of my greatest responsibilities. In high school I learned to be a little more responsible. But when I got a job in eleventh grade that was when I felt that my list of responsibility was far greater than everyone else and I was proud to show that I could handle a bigger workload. Nothing would stand in my way to success. My first job was flipping burgers at McDonalds. Even though some customers were rude, I still learned that patience is part of being responsible. In the article of Maureen Brown they interview many high school juniors and seniors about how they feel towards their job. They all said that it is a great and wonderful experience, and that working gave them something constructive to do with their free time. I as well believe that it is a great experience. I think as well that having a job during high school provides great life skills that can help to show how
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