High School Musical Following the Typical High School Genre Essay

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Unknown ENG 3U1 Dr. Anderson June 17, 2013 High School Musical Following the Typical High School Genre High school is regarded as the best part of one’s entire life. It is a sanctuary for many students but can be ruthless and stressful for others. The social standards and unrealistic expectations placed on students can create a stressful atmosphere. The high school genre categorizes students into distinct social groups. These can consist of emos, jocks and nerds. In reality high school is confined to these social groups and plagued by conflict. In High School Musical, East High is no different. Gabriella and Troy illustrate the typical life of a high school student. Throughout the film they encounter the various elements of the high school genre. They establish an authority structure within the student body, are faced with extreme social expectations, and encounter conflicts and resolutions. High school musical is a distinct example of the high school genre. The students in High School Musical establish the power of authority. Troy, being a jock, becomes the leader of the student hierarchy. Students easily manipulate teachers throughout the film, which in turn takes away their power of authority. When Mr. Bolton decides to kick Troy off the basketball team due to his involvement in the musical, the mass number of students that object to Mr. Bolton’s decision changes his mind. This displays his inclination to give authority to the students of East High. This Shift of power shows that the students control the school, which complies with the typical high school genre. The students of East High are upheld by strict social standards within the student body. Students are expected to socialize only with their specific social groups and are prohibited to dabble into other social groups. This standard is seen when Gabriella strays from her gifted

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