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Jungle Life of High School In our high school lives we come across many segregated groups of individuals. It is normal for a student to try to belong in a specific group. High school can almost be compared to a civilized jungle full of different species of human beings. To survive this jungle, an individual must avoid any conflict with another. There are countless categories in which a student can be classified. I only narrow my observation to four listed groups: jocks, preps, Goths, and nerds. Each group has a different appearance, different attitude, and a different taste in music. People who play sports like football and basketball often get the most attention. They often walk around the school hallways as a team. These individuals are also known as jocks. In school jocks will normally wear a letterman jacket or an outfit with their team name and number stitched on it. An athlete’s attitude may differ from each jock. The majority of them are arrogant and boastful. Their range of communication to other students is usually limited to other teammates and hot attractive females. Their taste in music ranges into different varieties, but most of them will listen to hip-hop, rock, or pop. The best music for a jock is one that will get a team fired up before games and during halftime situations. A prep is one who strictly believes in school spirit to the fullest. School pride is a big deal when it comes to representing their school like Lamar Consolidated high school. Every member in a prep team must participate in all during school and after school activities. Majority of the members of the prep are born in middle-class to upper-class family household. Prep will wear the brightest colors like hot pink to school. They wear clothes from department stores and malls at an expensive price. A prep’s attitude i s warm and welcoming until conflict becomes a major problem.

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