High School Graduation Essay

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One unforgettable moment High school graduation is one of the most important and exciting moments in a person’s life. The day of my graduation I realized my life was going to change; that day I had an outlook of a new beginning. When I saw my family meeting together celebrating my graduation with joy, happiness and proudness, I felt I had achieved my strongest goal. Graduating from high school was an influential and memorable moment because it was the time to reach a higher stage of my life, the time to follow my dreams, and the time to grow up. On my graduation day, I woke up early to go get my hair, nails and makeup ready for the ceremony. When I got back to my house, my mother was waiting for me with a big smile telling me how proud and happy she was for me. I was wearing the cap and gown that the school gave me for the big day, I felt special and confident. The entrance of the place, where the ceremony established, was full of students with their families and friends. Before entering to the hall, I had some time to take pictures with my family, teachers and friends. Everyone was so happy; finally, the day had arrived. Next, all students and families went inside, families to get their sits and students to the hall to be organize by names. Thanks god my spot was next to two of my friends. We had the opportunity to talk a little bit. It was a dream come true that we were finally at our graduation together. It was time to think about our dreams. My dream was and still is to become a pediatric nurse practitioner, but in order to do that I had to go to college and study a lot. With effort and sacrifice everything is possible. Everything was perfect; I could see my family from the place I was sitting. I remember watching my mother crying of happiness. That day was also special for her because her little girl was not so

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