High School Grading System

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Do you ever wonder if our school systems are being too demanding or not demanding enough? Some people look at how schools are ran and think they might be asking too much of the students. Some may think they need to be asking for me. I am well aware of what it takes to be a high school student. I have become accustomed to the way my school works, with grades and many other things. Being a Co-Valedictorian, I know what it takes to make or break a grade in a class. I am a believer in hard work. I think that if you want something bad enough, you will do what it takes to get it. I have always wanted to be a Valedictorian and I told myself I could do it. Although it wasn't always easy, I achieved my goal. The high school grading system has alot to do with my achievement. I would say it can be very effective to certain people, like me. It sets the bar for everyone. Your grades tell you how hard you're working, or maybe that you need to work harder. Sadly, the high school grading system doesnt always effect everyone like it has effected me. Some don't have a single worry about their grades. For these people, I wish the system could somehow be more strict. Everyone needs to be effected by the grading system. It can better work ethics and make you more aware of what are capable of doing. I think everyone has the potential to do anything they want. The high school grading system helps young adults realize what they need to do to better themselves. It also helps them see the potential they possess. I think high school grading systems are very effective in the lives of high
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