High School Drug Testing

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Drug Testing of High School Students Over the past decade, the youth steroid abuse has been on high alert. On the 26th of June 1995, the Supreme Court ruled that junior high and high school athletes can be required to submit drug tests without suspicion (Taylor 1). When a young athlete is growing up they look up to the Professional athletes they see on T.V. as role models, they want to look, act, walk and talk just like them. Now days there is a big problem, Pro athletes are using illegal antibiotic steroids to get an upper hand on the competition. Drug testing is a critical part of the major sports because of steroids, but some people feel like if you snooze you lose. When adult chooses to do something wrong they know exactly what they…show more content…
Drug screenings in high school are unethical and thus invade privacy which is a serious conflict at a teenagers point in life. Believe it or not, drug screenings in high school affect not only those who participate, but all people in the community. A single person in the community that pays taxes is a single person that will contribute to the distribution of drug screenings, without even knowing. Drug testing will bring the participation of athletics down, which effects a school’s reputation. On the other hand, drug testing in high school can “bust” students. This occurrence will bring more attention and give abusers help, such as programs. An example is the Betty Ford center which provides help for alcoholics as well as drug users. Even though there are positives to drug testing in high school, too many downsides are present to raise the rate of schools that participate in drug testing above two percent in the entire country. Privacy is a moral that one has a right to. This moral can be invaded when the actions of another person or object negatively surpass this right. The people who conduct these screenings are not the students’ parents, nor their future employers. Also, students may not say no to these tests. Therefore it is unethical and also invades privacy. There are times when tests are necessary. For a probation officer, a future employer, or even a child’s own parents, these are cases when testing may have a clear reason. This issue is one that calls for action. Changes must be made to make the majority of high school parents
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