High School Dropout Rates

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Ethics paper | High school drop out rate in America | How and why it is cause | Tyler Dickerson 11/07/20121 | High school drop out rate High School Dropout Students dropping out of high school is a major problem facing America today. Millions of young people are dropouts without a high school diploma nearly half a million students are dropping out each year. The dropout rate is declining a little each year, yet it is still a severe problem facing America. The main causes of school dropouts are personal factors, home and school stability, school experiences, social behavior, and rebellion. Personal problems affecting students seem to be the main cause for students to drop out of high school. Children seem to be the main personal problem facing dropout students, especially in women. Close to half of the dropouts students, both male and female, have children or are expecting one. Jobs also increase the percentage of students dropping out of school. Some students may and do have to take on a job to support themselves or their family. The job may interfere with school hours, school homework, and/or school activities. Rebellion is a very big cause of students dropping out of school. To some students, school is a place where their parents force them to go every weekday. These students feel like the teachers make the sit down and listen to lecture after lecture. They also feel like they do not learn to think but rather to only listen and repeat. This is where the rebellion factor comes into play. Those students do not wish to be asked to repeat something, but rather listen, think, and say their thoughts feelings and views. These students do not want to be told when they can and cannot have a personal opinion on a topic. These students rebel because they feel that they do not have a choice. If they speak up they think they will be considered a problem
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