High school to College Essay

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High stress amongst college students can have several causes. Many students in college would say the common cause of high stress within a student is the completion of daily homework and regular preparations of tests and exams, which is a part that each and every individual would just have to adapt to no matter what. College students trying to maintain good marks can be a difficult factor and leads to a very stressful student, resulting in the individuals to work hard each and every time to improve an achieve excellent noticeable marks. Conflicts for a student can cause high stress, that is involving teachers, peers and family. Student may try to balance time amongst family and peers but can not because of school homework, and work so he or she will most likely put his or her friends and family aside or vice versa, still producing high stress with a college student. Part-time job and financial issues is a colliding factor to a students stress level, that is without a part-time job a student could not possible manage his or her tuition bills, room rent, food, transportation costs and so forth which could end in financial issues in the long run for not having time to take on more days at work, which leads to not having enough money to save up in the end. When a college student has increasing high levels of stress, it is best to seek the causes, especially if the result of that search is freedom from emotional and physical strain and

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