High School Cliques (Divide and Classify)

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High school is probably the most confusing place to be in the world. It’s all about finding out where you belong and how you fit in. There are many different groups or “cliques” in high school that can be divided up. Cliques have been around as long as there have been high schools, and will always be with them. Jocks, “preps”, punks, and nerds are among the most common one would find in a high school. Dividing the student body into these categories can be a little confusing to some people and, in my opinion, unnecessary, but it’s just a fact of life that is to be handled like any other means of classification. Jocks are the athletic, popular students of a high school. They usually play every sport and excel in them. They are usually classified as the “cool kids” and are known by everyone in and close to their school. They can usually be found in the sports section of their local newspaper, or eating at the local café with all of their teammates and fans. Jocks are also known around most high schools as the “bullies”. Since jocks are so respected because of their popularity, they usually feel like they can do no wrong. This can end up causing them to pick on and mistreat the less popular people of their school. Jocks are looked upon as heroes to some, and enemies to other. Once again, it just depends on what category one happens to be in while in high school. Preps are very similar to jocks, only without all the sweat. In most cases, preps are the students of the school who only wear high dollar clothing, fix their hair just perfect every day, and prance around thinking they are better then the rest of the student body. They won’t associate with anybody outside of their clique, and hardly ever allow anyone in theirs’. Preps are usually very popular in their schools, and have many “friends”. They generally try to get into every club their school offers and

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