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High school and college Which is more important - high school or college? The main goal of these two institutions is the same - to teach you, and similarities stop there. I’ve graduated high school in Bulgaria, and the education system there is different than it is in the US. For example, when I decided to become a college student I’ve had to show my knowledge in matriculation tests. On that test every one of the students had to choose his level of difficulty from one to four. Many of the group decided to take level two, but I took level four because I already knew that I’ve learned that material in high school. However, how different or how similar high school and college are can be said only from people who have attended both. I’ve talked to many of my American friends about this topic, and every time the answer was the same – college is harder than high school, and some of the difference they told me was the teachers, the tests and the grades. As I can say the average age in high school is lower. Therefore, these children are still under their parents’ control. A big influence is also their teachers. They can help them not only to succeed, but they are also teaching them how to live. For that reason, teachers in high school are closer to their students. High school teachers check for completed homework, and if it's incomplete they remind the students to do it. Teachers are also available for conversation at any time before, during, or after the class. They often take time to remind for assignments and due dates for future exams, and carefully monitor class attendance. The teachers in college are called professors because they are experts in their particular areas of research. College professors may not always check their student’s completed homework, but they will assume if you can perform the same tasks on tests, and they don’t have to remind you of incomplete

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