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Why are high school drop out rates still continuing to grow? Did you hear the story on tonight’s local news? “It has been an epidemic in high school drop out rates all over the nation.” Teenagers sometimes drop out because the school work is purposeless and hard. What has caused this outbreak to come about? Teens drop out of high school, but also are without a high school diploma, and have no chance to earn a college degree or a chance to join the military. Therefore, the high school drop out chances for obtaining quality, high paying jobs are limited. How can this plague be solved? High school drop out rates can be solved in several ways. First of all, the age a student can drop out of high school needs to be changed. Currently teenagers are allowed to drop out of high school at age sixteen. At age sixteen are too immature. For example, at sixteen teens worry about parting on the weekend and the next pair of expensive tennis shoes called Jordan’s coming out. No legal rights are given to teenagers until age eighteen. At age eighteen students are allowed to vote and buy cigarettes. Teens want be successful in life if they drop out of high school. At age sixteen teens do not have any work and can not get hired for a well paying job, as a result they turn to the streets and begin selling drugs. Not only do they become a statistic to drop out rates but now they are giving police officers a reason to lock them up and Another reason that causes students to drop out of high school is the lack of parental support. Parents do not encourage students to care about finishing school. In many cases, parents did not complete school or completed school but did not do well. Parents do not provide positive attitudes about their children’s school work. Parents do not express the importance of finishing high school. Here are some ways that parents, working with school

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