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My expectations for my first year at Marian Catholic High School were to be one of the most popular students in my grade. To achieve this popularity I joined the football team. Having no previous experience, I hardly ever played. Then I tried out for the basketball team. Having no organized basketball experience, I did not make the first cut. In gym class I was introduced by a classmate to volleyball and after seeing me play, she advised me to try out for the team. About two weeks later I tried out and made the team, not worrying about the stereotypical comments that came along with it. Not worrying what anyone thought of me, I stayed focused on volleyball and have now perfected my volleyball skills becoming an elite player. This perseverance in volleyball is analogous to my life in my high school career. Playing volleyball, you must first learn the basic fundamentals such as serving, passing, setting, blocking, and spiking. Learning the basic fundamentals in volleyball has compared well with learning the basic fundamentals through out my high school career. When beginning high school the basic fundamentals for me were academics, getting involved in activities, and socializing. These fundamentals should have been in the same order but unfortunately, socializing surpassed everything. I eventually attained the basic fundamentals of high school on my way to becoming the best person I can be. After learning the fundamentals of volleyball I next learned my assignments in volleyball. With learning the assignments comes great expectations. I am expected to carry out my assignment just as I should or as I am told to. After my first year playing volleyball much more was expected of me and I had to live up to those expectations such as becoming a smarter player and showing leadership of the team. I am then able to help my team become more competitive.

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