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December 2012 A Person I Admire A person one admires is someone he or she looks up to. This person is someone who has continuously been there through the good and bad times. He or she is there for you when advice and guidance are needed. This special person happens to be the most important lady in my life, my mother. Without my mom, I would not be the young lady I am today because she has always stood by my side from the beginning. My mom has to be the sturdiest woman I know; she is intelligent, ambitious and loving. To the world, she has not done anything astonishing like discover the cure for cancer or something monumentally but, to me, everything she does each and every day is remarkable. As a nurse, she loves saving lives and helping other people. The elderly is always so happy to see her because she really takes good care of them in their time of need. Even though she works very hard at work, she is always the first person to get up and the last person to go to bed just to make sure everything is in order and in place. I apprehend that without my mom, my father and I cannot have the spotless household, the delicious meals, and the clothes that are always ironed. Mom gives me and my father all her love. I remember when I was so disappointed during my senior year in my Anatomy and Physiology class. I came home with a C as my final grade, and I was so upset. My mom knew I was distressed; she was the first person I ran to. I told her how I did my best, studied and paid attention; being a considerate mother, she was understanding and listened. She told me not to even worry about it because she knew I tried hard and will do better next time. My mom knew how stressed I was, and she was right by my side to comfort me. I believe the day I made my mom the proudest was when I graduated from high school. I was blessed to come out with honors and the top ten of my

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