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When you here about people not graduating High School it doesn’t really sound like a Deal unless that someone is you. I have had many chances to start fresh and I have never really taken those chances seriously. I always thought I was never smart enough for school and that just trying to be cool or popular would get me far enough. I started High School in the year 2005 as a freshman at Norte Vista High School and as I stared at first I didn’t really care for it because I knew it was all going to be boring and class work and homework so all I really cared about was my friends that were in the classes with me at the time I had a best friend her name was Alicia Montoya and we were best friends since middle school so starting in a new school together was a big deal for us it meant that there were going to be girls from other school that we might not get along with. Now I and Alicia had a lot of friends never any enemies but when we started high school we knew things were going to be different just from what people told us. Now you know when you start in school you already start with an A well by the end of my first week in high school I had already had an F in almost all of my classes and it didn’t bother me when I had heard that because to me I felt like I was only there for my friends. As a month goes on I start to have problems with a girl in my school. So to avoid confutation I start ditching

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