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High School Fun Times An illuminating part of my life was when I graduated from Pensacola Catholic High School. The hard work had paid off an now it was time to go to college. Just thinking about all the test, quizzes, and exams that I had to take makes me wonder how did I make it? I thank God all the time for blessing me with that special day. I remembered my first year of high school I attended Escambia High School. It was one of the most nerve wrecking days that I ever been through. I thought I was going to get lost I did not know anyone. I had a mindset coming into that year that if I wanted to graduate I would have to start my year off right by making A/B honor roll which was a great accomplishment at the school I attended. I knew if I tried hard I would make good grades. Sophmore and Junior year at Escambia High School were the two years I learned the most. Escambia High School taught me who to be friends with and who not to be with. For instance, a person will say that they are a a good person then turn around a do a terrible deed like bully someone. I also found good people like student-athletes the ones that were leaders in the school and on the field people like me. Whenever I was down or needed a helping hand these people would be there for me no matter what was the reason. Different students around Escambia High School would help with things like Homework. During my senior year my last and final year of high school, I had to transferred to Pensacola Catholic High School, it was the smallest school in our city but it also was the smartest school in Pensacola. It was so small it only had two main hallways. I had transferred there because I knew they would help me get accepted into as many colleges as possible plus they had a good football team which was a bonus. To me, senior year was a year I could work through without any doubts. It was hard work

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