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I. INTRODUCTION “They sent you to school for thirteen years and the one thing they never taught you is how to say goodbye.” Only those who have graduated or are soon to be graduating from high school can see deep meanings through those words. Goodbyes are never easy—even just to your summer friends. What more to the people you have been seeing everyday for almost your whole life? What more to the life you had been living for the last thirteen years? They say that high school is one of the best things that can happen to a person. It is the time for us to discover ourselves, the time for our emotions to come into its right places, the time for us to know and face reality, the time of our transformations, the time for us to start the life we will be having until the end, the time when every “firsts” happen, the time for us to realize what and who will matter, and most importantly, it is the time of our lives. High school is like no other. It truly is irreplaceable, incomparable. In this paper, I would like to analyze everything I had been through in my high school days, the transformations I made through the years, the reason why high school is incomparable, and how every part of it and every person around me contributed to make me the person I am now and made me realize a lot of things. This paper also seeks to see the big difference between ‘me’ when I entered high school and ‘me’ when I am about to leave high school. And more importantly, this paper will analyze ‘me’. High school is about to end. Every fantasy and every dream should now be starting to turn into reality. That is why everything should be analyzed before I go on to a totally new journey. That is why this paper should be written now. II. BODY a. RATIONALE What gave me the idea of writing an analytical paper about my high school was the song For Good from the musical Wicked. ELPHABA I'm

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