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My High School Improvement At the end of my middle school year, I decided to transfer to a private high school that provides a formal education in an intimate setting. In spite of the challenges, I made the decision to change schools with the intent to form an appropriate educational background. However, it required accepting a new responsibility and a new way of being. My decision to change schools was based on a concern that I would not be able to get far in life unless I improved my education, including my grades. It was hard for me to stay focused on school work, which of course was supposed to be my main priority. Due to a lack of inspiration and interaction with teachers, I found my education to be unexciting. So, I became more engaged in social activities at school that took most of my time from my learning opportunity. What I considered an appropriate educational background is founded on an educational alliance between student and teacher, which involves mentoring, and inspiring. I find this type of educational setting to be empowering in that it provides creativity, motivation, and commitment that would help me pursue my vision of becoming a journalist. For instance, math was not one of my favorite subjects but I learned to be good at it with the help of a teacher. I admire my teacher‘s ability in finding a way to teach me how to approach math in a systemic way which made it simpler, clear, and fun. I learned to apply the same method in resolving other challenges in other subjects as well. Consequently, I learned not to give up easily on things that seemed difficult by displaying a similar attitude toward other difficult situations in life. Moreover, accepting challenges of the new environment demanded a new responsibility that included making new friends, meeting requirements and standards of the new teachers, setting new goals, and

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