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Hi, class of 2008. Thank you for spending your valuable time on my speech. We are all seniors of class 2008 in Oakland High School. As a senior we all know how important the graduate problem to our life is. Can graduate or not is the things we most concern about this year. That’s why you are here for studying in the past four year. In Oakland High School, there are many students who can not reach the requirements, who can not catch up with others, who can not pass the CASHEE to graduate, who do not even realize how important it is. It is not just we don’t want to graduate, but some of us don’t even know the graduate requirements. I know some of you don’t know get enough information from the counselors and some of you may have a part time job that require you work after school. Those reasons can affect your study attitudes. In our school there were only 64% of students who can pass all of their classes to reach the requirements to graduate. So it means there are another 36% of students who may face the hard time in their future, who may work for minimum wage in their future, which means they will probably get a low payment job and make very few money. Now it is the time for us to do something to our life, to pay more responsibilities to our life. As a high student, I know it is hard for students to get good grades to graduate, however I believe if you work very hard, nothing can be impossible in your life, I believe if we can get together and work it out. Give ourselves more confidences and do not give up education even through this is not going to be easy. But I think we can graduate together. You can image about there’s one day when you are walking on the stage, holding a high school diploma, and every body is clapping on you. How happy you will be and how excited your parents will be! There are many obstacles we are facing in Oakland High School, such as large

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