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When older people tell you, this is the time of your life, you better believe it. Even though going to school is lame, pointless and boring, you should make the most of it. You may think going to parties and dating the hottest guys is way more important then getting good grades and going to school functions, it's not. High-school is a place you have to go by law, so while your their make the most of it. I know I didn't make the most of high-school and I totally regret it. Speaking stereo-typially, life is so easy in high school. Your live at your parents house for free, your under eighteen and pretty much everything is handed to you. So enjoy it and stop complaining because one day you'll have to support yourself and work a boring eight to five job where there's no rally's or school dances. As long as your under eighteen, any run-ins with the law can be pretty minimill and parents legally have to support you. I'm sure a lot of you can't wait to grow up so you can buy cigarettes and alcohol, but don't rush it enjoy your youth, have an older friend buy it for you. Throughout high-school, I was always focused on family problems and parties, things going on outside of school. I thought it was cool to act older, go to graduated kids parties and not go to football games or other after school activities. I always left dances early to go party where I could drink, looking back I totally regret all of that. Parties will always be there, but being young and stupid and high school, only come around once. Go to more games, rally's and events, if you tell yourself it'll be lame, it will be. Another big thing is slacking off. I know I did it and I know a lot of kids that did it too. There is no reason to fail tests and not turn in assignments. Just scraping by in high school seems cool at the time, bragging about your easy class you never have to go to. I always did

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