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High school is a wonderful experience that passes by in a heartbeat. It is an experience you will never forget the good the bad and the sad moments stay with you forever. To succeed in high school make sure you balance fun with schoolwork and have your priorities straight. I can tell you from experience I slacked off my freshman year and then started getting straight A’s and B’s until senior year and got back to slacking. It’s not worth it, the stress and pressure to need a specific grade to get your cap and gown when everyone has there’s already, it’s not worth it at all. Always come to school and don’t get in trouble any of the 4 years because it does catch up to you senior year. Don’t think that what you did in your past is in the past, because it isn’t. Senior year, if you behaved bad any other year and are absent too much, privileges will be taken away from you. I can tell you from first hand experience I have always been a girl to get in trouble and give attitude and it followed me to senior year, when I wanted to go to prom they didn’t allow me to go. It’s the worst feeling in the world to have your dress, shoes everything to go and then get denied by everyone. I wouldn’t want anyone not even my worst enemy to go through that feeling of unhappiness. Have fun in high school and join clubs it helps you to get into college and makes you more active with your school and community. Make your high school years the best because at the end all you will have are memories. Make those memories memorable. Another thing you should consider is doing you best in the FCAT because it’s a serious thing when you are a senior and still haven’t passed the FCAT and can’t graduate on time with your fellow classmates. You wouldn’t want to miss out on graduation just because you decided to go to sleep and not care. If you do not pass it the first time never give up keep trying

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