High Middle Ages Essay

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HIS-101 High Middle Ages Paper During the consolidation of and the crucial changes during the twelfth and thirteenth century, Europe may have gone through their most important transformation that the world has ceased to know. The changes that Europe witnessed during these centuries were so vital to their country that by 1300 BCE political institutions and cultural identities that were formed in Europe is still found today in their modern-day society. The world was changing, and so were the people in it. During these twelfth and thirteenth centuries, people were starting to become more independent from church and society as well as their own personal views and intellect. The prime example of the change of mindset in these centuries was evident in the story of Abelard and Heloise. Peter Abelard, who is famously known for trading his lordship for scholarship, passed up on the opportunity to become a lord to pursue his goals of education. Abelard, claiming to be the smartest man in the world, may not have been too far off with his claim as after his educational conquest, he was appointed master in the Cathedral Schools. This title at this period of time was considered one of the highest academic posts available. With this honor as master in the Cathedral Schools, his futures in education and in the church were almost limitless. However, his story takes a turn for the worst when he is introduced to a woman named Heloise. Heloise, who was very well educated and niece of a priest by the name of Fullbert, was banned from the “normal path” to education in Europe because of the fact that she was a woman. Abelard took her under his wing and assigned her as his personal pupil which quickly changed. Heloise started off as Abelard’s pupil then changed to an intellectual partner, then to lover and eventually wife. However, this struck a problem because clerics were no longer

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