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High Lonesome Notes for the Book Considine, had a way to get where he wanted to be without being seen. Leader of the gang.Considine shyed at the word thief, ran out of money, bunched cattle and sold to a man. Eventually it caught up with them and became leader of a possie which continued to do schemes. Made a little more then working for wages on a cow outfit. Tall, leaned boned. Good smile. Use to have a friend, a girl and a dream. Use to ride the range, work hard, occasionally getting into brawls, often with eachother. Lots of unbranded stock on the range, drove them into town to sell. Ranchers believed all stuff, unbranded or not, belonged to them. In the war between states, many of the cattle were left unbranded, bigger outfits claimed them. Considine and Pete Runyon were fired for selling the stock illegally. Pete Runyon became sheriff and married the girl Considine once loved. South of the border, he killed a man and met Coyowa and dutch. Anyone attempting to rob the bank of o’barro, must deal with the citizens. Robberies had been attempted, but failed. They barried the men on boothill. This is where Considine and the sheriff started, eventually turned into a town. Hardy – Younger then Considine, just as tall but thinner. Reckless. Blocky square built young man, wanted everywhere and nowhere. Youngest of the bunch. Thought every score would be the biggest. Dutch – working on safe, opens with steel drills, a craftsman, proud of his work. Done time in the Texas pen being caught with the wrong cattle. No better man for this job, calm. Western town bank robberies. Majority of western towns had professional shooters, from backgrounds. If you took against the law, you became an enemy of the public. Coyowa? Another character. Uses Winchester. Indian? Never seemed to think about things, or have any worries. Half breed had a scar on his

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