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High level of education makes our society better - essay Education these days is very important because our job, our future depends on it. Usually better education we get better job we will have. But is it the only reason why education is important? Maybe the level of education contribute to make our society better? In my opinion there is a strong connection between well educated people and living in good society and definitely it depends on in which school we studying because as we all know every school is different as well as the level of education in it. Firstly if you speak with people from the most elitist school in the city and with person who goes to average high school you can see and hear the difference in the way they speak, the topics of conversation and words that they using. I think people who went to elitist school they know more about surrounding world and more about culture generally. And how to judge the wise and good society than about their behavior and wisdom? What is more well educated people are usually more ambitious and wants more from life which helps society to develop. Also they are less willing to break the law especially when it comes to the human rights. Well educated people are wiser and more tolerant, are able to understand problems and, what follows that, find the best solution for them. It would be great to live only with ambitious people, who has something to say for every topic, who knows something about culture and has a impeccable behavior. Being surrounded and spending time with wise people makes us also a little bit wiser

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