High Five Princples Essay

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The HIGH FIVE Principles Every life journey has bumps along the way. You can smooth out the road by basing your life/career on these five concepts. “FOLLOW YOUR HEART” Find out what you want. Go after what is really important to you. Let your dreams shape your goals. Use the energy your dreams give you to help learn the skills and take the risks you need to make those dreams – or any part of them – a reality. “FOCUS ON THE JOURNEY” Life is not a destination. Getting there is actually much more than half the fun. This is perfect because as you evolve and life evolves around you the place you thought you were heading may not look so enticing any more. Or, you may have decided that you would rather go off in another direction. Or to somewhere else that has not even shown up on your map yet. “CHANGE IS CONSTANT” You are constantly changing. Your world is constantly changing. Say good-bye to the idea that you must pick an occupation and stick to it. Many of the jobs of the 21st century have not been invented yet. Adaptability could soon be the most important skill to have, both inside the workplace and out. “LEARNING IS ONGOING” You do not stop growing just because you have not gotten any taller. You do not stop learning after you finish high school. There are opportunities for learning and growth all around you. Inner space is the last frontier. “ACCESS YOUR ALLIES” There are people out there in your family, your school, and your community whom you respect and trust. They cannot dance the dance for you but they can help you figure out how to do it for

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