High Blood Pressure Essay

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Healing at hand Welcome … January 2009 Issue 1 SUMMER I’m excited to announce a new venture – a bimonthly health e-newsletter. The aim is to get more information, featuring articles on health, healing and healthy living, across and to know that healing is truly at hand. There are so many avenues of accessing information that may be helpful to assist us with existing difficulties with our health, as well as maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit. These three realms are interlinked with one another. Thus, what affects us on one level, will also affect us on the other levels. That is why it is imperative to view good health as a complete package incorporating the body, mind and spirit. Good health is a priceless gift. One should not take it for granted. A little bit of extra care will help one to maintain a good sense of general well-being. Summer’s here! Unfortunately for many of us it also becomes a time for overindulgence, sunburn, late nights, etc. By observing a few simple health rules, one can prevent having an overworked liver, a compromised immune system and a dehydrated body -- while still enjoying a fantastic summer with happy holidays. 1 Readers are welcome to e-mail me their comments or interesting information regarding health and healing. Be well, Index: From the Editor Dry Summer = Dry Eyes 1 What a Therapist Really Does 2 T’ai Chi Depression Bowen Case Study Discipline for Peace Time to Contemplate 2 3 4 4 4 Rashidah Hargey Dry Summer = Dry Eyes Has the dry, windy weather left you with eyes that feel scratchy, burning and irritated? Although dry eye syndrome is generally the result of hormonal changes, or ageing, exposure to smoking, wind, dust, allergy-causing substances and a dry climate can worsen the symptoms. Take action: Try an over-the-counter artificial tear solution to treat symptoms - these drops can be used as often as

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