Hierarchical Star Topology Essay

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Professor Babcock NT1310 April 3, 2015 Unit 3 Assignment 1 Hierarchical Star Topology Hierarchical network topology is similar to the C: drive on your windows PC. This has a central root node which is at the top with a point to point link between each node on down. As you may have noticed this means it acts as a hierarchy with there being a main node and then it branches down from there. One of the best things about this type of topology is that fault identification is easy. This network can be expanded by the addition of secondary nodes. This way you can achieve scalability. Now the downside to this type of topology is, as multiple segments are connected to the network it now depends heavily on the node. If it fails it affects the entire network. This is also not very easy to maintain and the cost for it are high. Bus Topology The Bus topology is where each node is connected to a single cable. Each computer or server is connected to a single bus cable. Which means a signal from a source travels in both directions to every computer connected until it finds the correct recipient. Computers on a bus will only listen for data being sent but they will not move data from one computer to the next. The main reason people will use this is because it’s inexpensive as it doesn’t require additional hardware. It is easy to install and the cable which is usually coax is pretty durable. This is well suited for temporary or small networks that don’t require high speeds. There is one major flaw in this topology though. If there is a break in the main cable the entire network will shut down. As I stated above it uses coax which is limited to 10Mbs which means performance will decrease with the increase of computers or heavy traffic. Lastly it has poor security as all computers on the bus can see all of the data transmissions. Ring Topology A ring topology has all the

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