Hide and Seek Essay

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Carl Linder Dr Keith Lloyd College Writing II April 19, 2014 Hide and Seek: The True Journey to Yourself Every person has some elements of the game of hide and seek in his or her approach to life. In hide and seek, a group (or at least two children) decide to have one person stay with his/her eyes closed and wait by counting, while the other hides to avoid being found. The goal of the game is to find the others and bring them out of hiding. The person seeking has the power. If the seeker does not look hard or quits, the hidden stay lost. It is very hard to play the game if everyone isn’t doing the role they are assigned. The game of hide and seek is a metaphor for the hidden self worth and identity based on negative experiences. Any seeker may search to find and address these experiences to recover the lost feeling. Phillips begins to explore the concept by using the life of Harry Houdini as an example of a lifelong hide and seek. Phillips talks about the great Houdini, the greatest escape artist ever to live, in his essay on Houdini’s Box. Harry Houdini, the great escapologist, was the son of a failed Rabbi. Eric Weisz was his real name and he was born in Budapest in 1874. He arrived in America in 1878. His father was a rabbi but did not establish a congregation. His father ended up working as a cutter in a ready-made clothing business in New York where Eric as a teenager worked with him (Phillips, p.490). Eric wanted to escape from his father’s failure and magic was the way. He changed his name and started to develop his skills of escape and magic. Harry began to find more and more ways to escape, to please an audience and to escape his own childhood and family failures (Phillips, p. 491). Phillips uses this essay and Houdini as a metaphor; Houdini made a lifelong challenge of playing hide and seek with himself and his unconscious beasts.
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