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Espionage: the world of secret agencies, foreign countries and James Bond Gadgets? No. The modern spy is very different from the image we see in movies, but how different? Are there ladies in foreign embassies, wearing red dresses, waiting to climb onto the getaway boat, only to be tied up and thrown to sharks? How far does the CIA and CSIS actually go to get the information they need? Who makes the real-life James Bond gadgets? And how does Canada protect its secrets? When you think of a spy, you probably think of James Bond, Maxwell Smart or Ethan Hunt. These characters are not spies, rather, they are ‘intelligence officers.’ A spy is someone who is recruited by an intelligence officer because of their access to secret information. Real spies are often foreign nationals. An intelligence officer’s job is to spot, assess, develop and recruit the spies, think Al Pacino in The Recruit. The most difficult part of espionage is not getting the information, as one may think, but instead, the communication between spies (the handover). In the United States, the FBI is the counterintelligence; agents intercept the communication between spies. Many countries tell their spies to dress inconspicuously; quite different from what James Bond movies tell us. One CIA Intelligence Officer, Aldrich Ames stood out too much. He and his wife Rosario, were living way out of their means, when, in 1994, the FBI caught on to Rick’s ties to the SVR (Russian Intelligence). During the Cold War, the Russians were cautious, they told their agents not to wear sunglasses or trench coats, items associated with espionage in Western culture. When someone says “James Bond,” the first thing that comes to mind, are his infamous gadgets. Contrary to popular belief, there is some fact in James Bond Gadgets. For example, fake fingerprints (Diamonds Are Forever, 1971) have actually been developed by

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