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Hide and seek “15,16,17,18,19,20, ready or not here I come.” I was scrunched up like a ball inside a dark cupboard with a key hole. I was at my friend Tom’s house with a bunch of friends and we played hide and seek. Tom’s house had been built one hundred years ago because the carpet was tattered, bricks had been broken and rigid windows. My other friends hid downstairs and I was the only person who hid on the second floor. The cupboard smelt like blood and there were spiders crawling up my back. I peered through the keyhole and saw the red horizon outside the window. It had been fifteen minutes and Tom still didn’t find me, as I heard the clock tick I felt paranoid and petrified. On top of this I felt claustrophobic and I was panicking. After a while I started to yell and get my friend’s attention but they didn’t hear me. In addition the door wouldn’t open and at this point I wasn’t sure what to do. Feeling as if I was going to die I rapidly kicked the cupboard door but that was no use. Then I heard footsteps so I screamed but no one could hear me although I could hear an orchestra of birds chirping harmoniously to a melody that soothed my ears. As the wind blew rapidly there was repetitive sounds of a long branch knocking on the window as the leaves rustled softly in the breeze. I gazed into the key hole and the sun had disappeared and it was pitch black. I was still in the same position and in this revolting cupboard hoping that I will get out here. After a while I heard whispering outside but who could it be. I shouted, screamed until my voice was had disappeared. Finally my friend had opened the cupboard and it felt like I just woke up. My friends were smiling in excitement but I was as angry as a bull because it took them half an hour to find me. With a sense of relief I sat down on the sofa and I finally believed there is a God who is out there because

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