Hidden Curriculum Essay

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Hidden Curriculum: Freeman Hidden Curriculum Pandora Freeman, EDU 310 Grand Canyon University Hidden Curriculum Should teachers be involved in character of their students or does it infringe on the parents? First let’s say what we mean by a student character? A student character is what will define them. I believe that a teacher has the right to be involved in building up on a student character. The reason why I believe a teacher should be involved in building up a student character is because of influences in society, peer pressure and home life. The first reason why a teacher should be involved in building a student character is because of the influences they see in society. For example, the media shows children all kind of glamorous things. They show children that they can have all the nice cars and all the expensive clothes. They show and talk about how people cheat on their spouses and in movies how people kill one another. We have some gullible children believe that those are the kinds of things you have to do to be successful. We cannot say anything to students about how they should live their live according to God because we are not allowed to mention religious beliefs in the classroom out of respect for the children because we have to be respectful of their belief and that is according to the Constitution of the First Amendments. Teachers can tell their students that what they see on television is not all reality and that there is sacrifices that you have to go through to get what the people have. Another reason why I believe teachers have the right to help students build their character is because of peer pressure. There might be some things that teachers can see at school that parents have no idea what is going on. For example, when I was in school I use to always think that this one teacher always picked on me and I will tell my
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