Hicks Essay

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The Hicks Living in suburbs or small towns across the country you are more then likely to coexist with the subculture of hicks, hillbilly’s, farmers, hunters, etc. In my town the subculture of hicks was very apparent at school and in general. Typically they are the boys and girls who drive trucks, fish, hunt, chew or smoke tobacco, and talk as foully as their fathers do after drinking all night at the local bar, but there is so much more that connects these hicks together that I will continue to talk about throughout the paper. Their subculture consists of a fairly simple lifestyle that is not always chosen by them, but sometimes forced upon them because of socialization agents such as family. People from the outside looking in tend to see their simple lifestyle as an outcome of being uneducated and shallow minded, however, it is a key reasons why these people are a subculture. Most high school kids idea of a good weekend is partying both nights and nursing their deserved hangovers early the next week. All a hick needs is a weekend of going hunting or fishing with some buddies and a couple nights of enjoying some ice-cold beer around a campfire. Some have to physically work harder than most people plan on working such as ones that live on farms where they have to work for the room they sleep in and the food they eat. I found the people that fit this statement and live a “farmer’s life”, tend to be the highly respected ones in the group. This is true because the farmers are the ones who earn their rough hands, wear their boots because that is their only pair of shoes, and wear wrangler jeans because they are cheap and durable. However people who aren’t farmers but dress the same way or enjoy the same hobbies are welcomed with open arms and can become a hick. In my school parking lot the bigger your truck was the more respect
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