Hickories Site Visit Report

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1. The Hickories Museum is located at 509 Washington Avenue in Elyria Ohio. 2. The mission statement for the Hickories and the Lorain County Historical Society is “As a non-profit educational organization, The Lorain County Historical Society is committed to serve all persons and organizations interested in Lorain County’s past. Present and future by: collecting, preserving, interpreting and presenting this history of Lorain County.” (Hickories Pamphlet back page) 3. The mansion was built in the late 1800’s. Washington Avenue was originally where the wealthy business owners lived. Arthur Garford chose the house to be built of sandstone because it was mined locally and it was plentiful in the Lorain County area. The mansion had a wide front door because funerals were often held in the home and the casket needed to fit through the doorway. Also fashionable dresses of the time were quite wide and the Garford’s made sure the women could come in without snagging their dresses on the doors. People believed that their house influenced their lifestyle. There are 79 faces inside and on the outside of the house. They are all different and give the appearance that someone is always watching. The faces are very stern in Mr. Garford’s office to promote vigilance and so that he would get his work done. There are also many quotes throughout the house. They range from biblical to Homer and just general sayings of the time period. The mansion also had a church-like look to it. There are many stained glass windows throughout the mansion and there is even a little area dedicated for prayer and to read the bible. Arthur was also a great supporter of the local businesses. Not only did he use local sandstone for his mansion he also purchased many locally made items to be used in his everyday life. To list a few: a phone, ice cream maker and a vacuum. He also invested in many
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