Hi to Stakeholders Essay

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The scheme below represents a general mapping of stakeholders that we can find in almost all companies. But it can change sometimes with more or less stakeholders. That is why, in order to better understand what stakeholder means we are going to use the example of FIAT and its stakeholders. In FIAT, we can see all these stakeholders : - Public institutions (Government/International institutions/NGO’s…): They wait for responsiveness and proactiveness from Fiat. They want them to be responsible, active on the R&D and be a support in technical areas of industries of the government. - Environment: Institutions and associations which take care of environment want Fiat to be responsible and take into account the impact each project or product have on the environment, on the climate change… - Employees: They want to be fully involved in the company’s life. They want to know all about the internal organization, the strategies of the company, the specificities in case of economic problems in the company… They want Fiat to be completely transparent with them. - Trade unions/Employee Representatives: They want meeting and social dialogues with specific topics to talk about. They want to be able to use their right of Consultation, information and negociation. - Dealers & Service network: They want Fiat to be able to support them, to do everything to provide good services and to be easily profitable. That is why as stakeholders they demand the expansion of the products and services provided to the customers, but also support services and rapid response to breakdowns. - Customers: They need and want good quality of products, good services. They need safety, good prices, efficiency in support and after sale services. They have to be able to trust FIAT and its products, that is why they want a certain professionalism. - Suppliers & Commercial partners: They
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