Hi-Tech Entrance Essay

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Whenever it rains, I look up to the sky, and instantly forget all of my troubles. I could have gone through a really bad day, and the rainy atmosphere completes my gloomy mood, and it lifts me up just a little bit. On these days, I feel a sense of belonging and comfort, and I look up to the sky. Even if it’s just for a minute, my entire being is engaged in the sheer enigmatic flow of the magnetic rain, and I just think. I think about everything I can; whether it is my current task, or even the future, all of my thoughts have a fluid travel, like the rain has. I like to think of the clouds as a very successful person, who has earned a high rank in their profession, and all the droplets are regular employees. If everyone were to rain clouds and drops, I would work hard enough to be a cloud, rather than just flow away like a drop would. These thoughts hold great magnitude to me, and they are the anchors for my life plan. One of those fateful days, I decided I would do my best to secure a spot in High Tech High School. My older brother had attended County Prep High School a few years ago, and he was very fortunate to have been accepted there. However, he has told me that High Tech has more to offer, and will be more suited to my level of intelligence and creativity. I have become smitten with the artistic and academic aspects of High Tech High School, because my ambition is to become a top-class geneticist in my later years. From what I have been told and from what I have experienced at the High Tech Open House, High Tech has academically competitive classes that are very challenging for those who are willing to accept it. On a personal level, I am willing to tackle a tough challenge and conquer the competition. My will to compete and express my inner thoughts are what motivate me to go to High Tech High School. I want to experience the challenges
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