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1. Senior management leadership and commitment has the responsibility in the workplace to make sure that all staff have relevant and current OHS information. 2. i) Demonstration-This can be done by showing the team members on what is suppose to be done for example using a fire extinguisher, evacuation plan and how to handle different types of chemicals. ii) Coaching and mentoring-This helps the workers to practice and be more competent in safe perfomance of task or the required skills. iii) Keeping records-This helps in keeping track of what who has been trained on in order to identify future training needs for the team members. 3. OHS policies and procedures should be made available to relevant stakeholders. 4. False 5. False 6. It is to provide an opportunity for supporting workers, vonlunteers, managers, supervisors, clients and others in the workplace to work together to seek for the solutions that lead to healthier and safer workplaces. Besides that, it provides a forum for review and contribution towards policy and procedure development within the organisation. It also shares relevant information about work health and safety(WHS). 7. Consultation should be in two ways. It must include the genuine opportunity for all parties to contribute effectively to any decision making process aimed at eliminating or controlling risks to health and safety. 9. – Minutes from WHS committee meetings - Minutes from group meeting - Flyers - Staff newsletters outlining WHS policies and procedures - Email the feedback to the employees 10. Training helps the workers to be competent in safe performance of task or improve their skills to ensure that they are working in a safe environment. 11. - Measure the gap between the standards and the current conditions of the employee. - Try to find out the need of the

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