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George 1 Kimon George Ms. Gail Sharplis Eng 125 –Technical Report Writing April 24, 2014 Outline The Importance of steel Safety Buildings in Dominica Thesis: The importance of building safety should be taken very seriously because each of us lives, works, and plays in buildings each and every day. Buildings are to be structurally safe and meet all current national building codes. I. The structural safety of building needed to properly cater for. A. withstand the acting vertical force of gravity pulling downward on it B. lateral (earthquake & wind) loads which comes in every direction. C. the different loads of the building including live, dead, permanent etc. II. Many steel building fire safety is to reduce the risk of both life and property losses, A. the basic fire safety is to retard exposure time to the structural members B. provide a foreseen protection period to give the building occupants time to safety C. the type of steel and the thickness also depends on how much time there is to safety III. People should also be aware of the type of building that they live in A. in certain times of the year with the different natural disasters happening B. they should take precaution on the types of buildings that they build especially in a disaster prone area. C. if residents live in area where there are a lot of storms and hurricane them dome houses are advised. IV. Research shows that dome houses is one of the most durable and strongest buildings A. some of them have lasted up to a thousand years B. Variations of the dome form include cone or onion shapes. Igloos, C. they are and design by engineers and principles of the arch and rotating them through a 360 degree radius V. The thermal considerations of a building is also required A. Insulation prevents condensation, reduces building heating and cooling requirements, and

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