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Associate MVM Acknowledgement Form In Taleo I acknowledge that I have reviewed and/or received via electronic means a copy of the My V.O.I.C.E. (Valuing Other’s Issues and Concerns for Engagement) Program (the “MVM” Program) Rules and Procedures, including via e-mail and embedded as link on this site. The MVM Program explains the process of how to resolve any work-related issues that may come up during my employment with Panda Restaurant Group, Inc. and its subsidiaries, parents, affiliates and divisions (collectively “Panda”). I further acknowledge, understand, and agree that: 1. Panda is committed to creating a safe and empowering conversational environment for Panda Associates to listen, appreciate and challenge each other in bringing our 2020 vision alive and in action. The MVM Program is available to me to allow me to freely communicate my concerns to Panda through four (4) possible steps. 2. In the first step, I can use the MVM Program to first voice any work-related problem, complaint, suggestion, or question through its Open Door Policy at any time and a determination will be made. 3. In the second step, I understand that when I voice any work-related problem, complaint, suggestion or question through Panda’s Open Door Policy and I would like a further review of a related determination during that process, I may request a review by a Human Resources Director of that determination in the first step, also referred to as an appeal, within 30 days of that determination. A new determination will be provided within 45 days of my appeal. 4. In the third step, I understand that to the extent my voiced work-related, complaint, suggestion or question involves a legally protected right, I can appeal the determination by a Human Resources Director within 30 days of the determination in the second step. Any new determination in this third step that is favorable to me

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