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A Walk To Remember Argumentive Essay Directed by Adam Shankman from Nicholas Sparks’ inspirational novel, A Walk To Remember is a movie in which Landon Carter, a 57 year old man, narrates the story of his 17th year, the year he met Jamie Sullivan. Through his experiences with her during the school play and other times Jamie impacts his life, they fall in love only to discover that she is dying of cancer. A featured critic, Frank Ochieng wrote a critical assessment of A Walk To Remember claiming that the movie has poor character development, lacks thematic depth as well as plot development. One would disagree with the misinterpretation of Frank Ochieng’s thoughts on character development, thematic depth, and plot development. A Walk To Remember is a timeless all American classic that does a great job portraying all 3 concepts. A Walk to Remember’s character development is criticized in the movie review of Frank Ochieng. The critic states that “Unfortunately in A Walk To Remember we are presented with [character] types who are ineffectively and inadequately fleshed out. Instead of real human beings we have stereotypes”( Ochieng 8). Some characters such as the reverend and Jamie may come across as characters that fit the standard teen film but as the plot develops and the audience gets to know the character more, one realizes that A Walk To Remember characters don’t Garcia-Rada 2 necessarily fit a stereotype, they are unique. Jamie is spiritual and religious, but when Landon asks how she persuaded her father to let her go out, she tells him that she told him the truth, but that she left him out of it. Clearly, this is no goodytwoshoes, a point that is reemphasized by the way she keeps her secret from Landon, and

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